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Unsolicited Testimonials: What our customers say!


Check out this random selection of testimonials we have received. Feel free to respectfully contact any customer directly, where an e-mail address has been provided!

* * *

"No question - just wanted to say thank you.

"My 67 yr old mother called me tonight and said she had 'accidentally' deleted here entire pictures folder with all her pictures and scanned in images from old slides which she has been working on for a LONG time. Many many hours of work were, in her eyes lost.

"Being her 'support line', I looked around the Internet to find a quick, down and dirty program to undelete files. I of course, needed something very simple for her to use as I needed to walk her through it over the phone as she lives about 1000 miles away.

"I found your File-Saver program, paid and downloaded it in a matter a minutes. I walked her through the steps to use it, based on your instructional page and it chunked away for about 5 or 10 minutes, but it recovered every single file. There must have been more than a thousand pictures, Word documents, etc. The whole My Documents had been deleted. (Still not sure how she did it, but they were gone)

"Anyway, I am here to tell you that she is one HAPPY lady tonight and I owe it all to you folks. This little gem of yours was worth every single penny. (farthing ;-)

"Many, many thanks for putting out such a wonderful little tool. I am very happy that she is happy, so thank you all very much again!"

-- David Henderson, ddhenderson AT comcast.net

* * *

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"I would like to thank you very much for your excellent product. Total time from purchase to recovering lost files was about 4 minutes! Totally amazing when you realize this is me doing this! I am a bit short on PC aptitude at times, which is how I lost my precious photographs in the first place! Thank you!!"

Claire Gillies, dontbelate AT kayakclub.freeserve.co.uk

* * *

"Not a question. Just THANKS THANKS THANKS FOR FILESAVER. I was trying to put 4GB of songs on a disc, when some 1500 of them got deleted. I thought all was lost until I remembered File-Saver. I'm now retrieving all my songs back to the folder. Thanks for the software. Best buy in ages. Whew!!!!"

Bill Kucirek, fantasticbill AT cox.net

* * *

"A big thank you your software, it's just saved my life!! I had deleted a whole lot of photos my wife took of our grandchildren, but with the help of File-Saver, I was able to recover them all. Once again a very big thank you and I will recommend file saver to all my friends!"

Robin Barden, robin_barden AT hotmail.com

* * *

"The pictures have been recovered!!! Yahooooo! Thank You SOOO Much for your diligence in finding a resolution to saving these pictures.  If you need a testimonial, sign me up. I'll be happy to be an advocate for this program."

Laura Olivera, cmni18 AT yahoo.com

* * *

"This new version works great, even for memory sticks. Your helps make me gain back my confident to purchase software online again, especially from your company. Thanks for helping me to recover back my precious photo..."

Teo Chin Sye, sye AT pacific.net.sg

* * *

"Excellent, your suggestions certainly did the trick! What fantastic service, a great product and a million THANK YOU's from a VERY satisfied customer!"

Graham Ward, graham0927 AT tiscali.co.uk

* * *

"Unlike most of the I.T. Reps around these days, you're always a pleasure to deal with! Fantastic product, please use this as a testimony for the products you represent."

[name removed on request]

* * *

"The file worked perfectly!!! Thank you so much for sending it to us to use. All the pictures came in great. A few short videos on the card were lost, but we didn't care about them anyway. If our son wasn't already named William, we would name him after you! Thanks again. Trevor

"PS: Just FYI, my wife almost started crying when she saw the pictures on the screen that she thought were lost for good. She wants to send you a note as well... Please pass this on to your supervisor - we want them to know how great and helpful you have been through all of this. We really appreciate all your help.

"From my wife...  Alan, I can't thank you enough for your help in recovering these priceless pictures. Will is our first child and the first grandchild on my side of the family. We have had to deal with some unexpected health concerns in Will's first few weeks. Losing the pictures seemed like a cruel disappointment on top of everything else. I am so grateful to you for sharing this file recovery program with us. It worked great! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Dina (Trevor's wife and Will's Mom)"

Trevor Shipley, trevordinashipley AT yahoo.com

* * *

"Share my thoughts with anyone you like. Having seen how much other companies charge for this sort of software I'm sure lots of people would like to hear that your low price is not too good to be true! Thanks for the great service, I'll recommend you guys to everyone I know!"

Matthew Sim, several_links_short_of_a_chain AT yahoo.co.uk

* * *

"This is not a question. This is to say a big THANK YOU for your product. I do not know how these files were deleted from my system but they were. I used your program and the vast majority back. Some were too far gone to recover but I got the ones that were the most important! I recommend this product to anyone who has lost files! Again thank you!"

Bradley Stephens, BJSteph001 AT sbcglobal.net

* * *

"Your program is first-rate. It restores deleted files lightning fast. Great service, amazing product, thank you for all your help and time!"

Vasant (second name removed on request), vasants AT earthlink.net

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